New Democrat Critic for Democratic Reform, Nathan Cullen, made the following statement: 

“In his most cynical decision to date, Justin Trudeau broke a black-and-white promise to Canadians to make every vote count. This is a betrayal of every Canadian that voted to change the electoral system as well as every Canadian who voted to do politics differently. 
Rather than fixing our broken electoral system so it benefits every Canadians, the Liberals are keeping the current system because it helps themselves.
Trudeau’s claim that there is no consensus is deeply cynical and intentionally misleading. Here are the facts : Two-thirds of Canadians voted for parties promising electoral reform in the last election. During the committee, almost 90% of experts and 80% public testimony called for the government to adopt a proportional voting system. And when they launched their own junk online survey they never even asked Canadians what system they wanted.
Canadians across the country feel like they have been lied to and New Democrats are determined to hold Liberals accountable. It is more important than ever that we fight for a fair voting system where every cote counts.”