Petition - Navigable Waterways

One of the most harmful and radical changes of the conservative’s monster bill is the virtual elimination of protection from the country’s navigable waterways. With the changes to the Act by the Conservative government, 99.7% of lakes and 99.9% of rivers in Canada will no longer be protected.

Abitibi–Témiscamingue has more than 20,000 lakes and rivers. Under the Conservative’s Bill C-45, only Témiscamingue Lake and the Ottawa River will remain protected. The Harricana River, Abitibi Lake, Kipawa Lake, the drainage basins and all navigable waterways in the region will no longer be protected.

If the Conservative’s Bill passes, there will no longer be a need to worry about whether a new bridge or dam might make navigation dangerous or be harmful to the environment. It will no longer be necessary to remove any wreckage, which could make navigation very dangerous and leave harmful substances that could spread in waterways.

Canada should be ashamed of the fact that the government is threatening our lakes and rivers.

Sign the petition to ask the government to take its responsibility regarding navigable waterways.

Please send signed petitions to the following address:

Anne Minh-Thu Quach
625 Confederation
House of Commons
Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

Please use an envelope. No postage required.

Here is the petition to download